Learn More About Heather Cisz

Heather Cisz is a professional in the industry of media sales and advertising. Since beginning her career as an intern during her last year of college, Heather has built up her experience to the point where she was able to help found her own firm.   Heather is currently Director of Digital Media and Sales Strategy at Linked Media, a new digital advertising and marketing firm she has worked tireless to bring to fruition.

Heather learned her passion for sales through her first retail job in high-school, where she learned hands on customer service skills. As a Connecticut native, Heather attended Central Connecticut State University, with a major in Business and Marketing. During the final year of her degree, Heather interned at Comcast Spotlight where she decided that media industry would be the direction she would take her career. Heather was offered a full-time position in the advertising sector of Comcast Spotlight, where she began her tenure as an Account Executive. She was also able to produce and integrate creative content for accounts. Heather discovered her creative side would lead to bigger opportunities than she’d expected. She considers creativity and relationship building two essential skills needed in order to reach success within business. Heather continued to practice and grow her skills in digital media sales through exceptional customer service skills and sales methods.

After establishing a base for her career at Comcast Spotlight, Heather took the next step in her career journey to a company called Tribune Broadcasting (WTIC-TV). She would spend the next six years working with FOX and CW networks, where she was able to learn foundational platforms and contribute her innovative skills to traditional and integrated marketing sales services. As an up-and-comer in the industry, Heather knew that in order to achieve the key to happy customers and overall success within the company, she had to take on more than just a simple sales strategy. Heather was able to use her innovative skills and passion for selling to establish long-lasting relationships between the business and clients. As a broadcast account manager, Heather was able to continuing educating herself in the field of print, but also digital services. She was later promoted to Digital Sales Manager at Tribune, where she was able to specialize in digital services.  After mastering this position, Heather felt bold and ready to take the next step in growing her career.

Today, Heather Cisz holds the title of Director of Digital Media and Sales Strategy at Linked Media, a full service advertising and marketing agency, located in West Hartford, CT. As a founder of the company, Heather was able to present her hands-on skills and learning techniques that she took on from her previous jobs and put her expertise to use in her own advertising agency. Linked Media offers a full suite of services in multiple different channels such as broadcasting, television, and digital media. The agency also provides creative services and public relations services that are tailored to each client’s needs.

As a professional who climbed high in her career journey, Heather understands the importance of establishing relationships, as well as teamwork. Her agency is made up of seven professionals who strive for success as a unit. To reflect this philosophy, the agency chose Linked Media as its name. Each team member plays an indispensible role, ensuring an unbroken chain without weak links. When all members come together to service a client or craft a campaign, a “chain reaction” is created. The philosophy is based on a simple, four-step process that includes, listening & learning, building a plan, executing the framework, and managing the results, alongside of the client. Through this idea, each client receives high-quality and precise work that serves their needs in a targeted way.

It’s no surprise that Heather Cisz exercises her passion through digital media sales. She sees her work as a form of art. Without her passion for art, culture, music, and fashion Heather would not be where she is today. She firmly believes that her passions and hobbies outside of her professional career have influenced her thinking and allowed her to approach issues in a holistic way. Throughout her career, Heather has been able to integrate innovation and creativity into all of her work.  Today, she is able to continue exercising her artistic inclination through her advertising agency.

Throughout her career journey, Heather has been able to discover the different pieces that make up her determination and drive throughout her career.  Her passion and drive for media sales will allow her to continue expanding her skill set and work toward her greater career goals, while establishing successful B2B and B2C relationships. She will continue to grow her business, while helping others learn how what it takes to be successful in media sales.